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“Wendy is knowledgeable about dyslexia and is an amazing, well-trained Orton-Gillingham (OG) tutor. She understands her students and provides solid tutoring for children with dyslexia. She doesn’t promise a quick fix because there is no quick fix when working with dyslexics (you should stay away from someone who promises a quick fix or cure). What she provides is a consistent and structured environment for these kids. We know he will struggle all his life, but he now has the tools to succeed!” Wendy provides a customized, comprehensive approach for each child. She has a very hands on, colorful approach to learning which is perfect for kids. Also, she has ways to assess and track progress. I loved seeing (in print) exactly where my child was, what the challenges were, AND how he had improved. She also gave homework (which never felt like homework) to reinforce what he was learning. She is very personable, and her passion for helping kids is oozing out of her. Lastly, I will say that her personality, and ability to connect with and motivate kids is phenomenal! My son LOVED his time with Ms.Wendy” -M. Eisenberg