Dyslexia Remediation

Orton-Gillingham (OG) Tutoring

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Orton-Gillingham is a scientifically proven instruction method which utilizes a multisensory, systematic, accumulative, and structured approach to teaching the mechanics of the English language – reading, spelling, grammar, and composition.  By incorporating as many senses in the instruction and practice of concepts taught, it allows as many neurons in the brain to fire together at the same time.  It is well know that neurons that fire together wire together, which allows the brain to more reliably retain the concepts taught and how it is implemented into the English language.

 During each tutoring session, your child with receive instruction in phonemic awareness, letters to sounds (decoding – AKA reading), learned words reading and spelling (words that don’t follow the phonics rules), reading (words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs decoding), spelling generalizations, syllable types and syllable division, sounds to letters in words, phrases, and dictation sentences (encoding – AKA spelling), and accuracy and fluency reading drills. 

Tutoring Requirements

OG tutoring must take place a minimum of twice a week for 50-minutes.  Three or more times is best, but we understand there is only so much time in a day. 

Lessons are scheduled for 50-minutes, which allows time for your child’s tutor to make vital notes following the tutoring session so they know how to best prepare for the next tutoring session. 

A semester commitment is expected when enrolling your child. 

Materials Needed to Get Started


  • Successfully identitfy and define vowels, consonants, and vowel and consonant letter combinations
  • Gain and strengthen phonological awareness through word manipulation by isolation, segmentation, addition, deletion, substitution, blending, and stretching sounds
  • Gain and strengthen the skill of random automatic naming (RAN)
  • Gain reading fluency by easily recognizing sounds, letters, spelling patterns, spelling generalizations, and syllable types taught and appropriately and automatically apply them to decoding and encoding
  • Mastery of encoding and decoding learned words that do not follow phonemic rules
  • Ability to break words into their smallest components with meaning (base words and affixes)
  • Gain and strengthen comprehension by strengthening background knowledge and  vocabulary through exposure to word study and quality stories
  • Develop writing composition skills by applying the above goals to retell facts and stories in a well-constructed, thought-provoking way
  • Most importantly, gain confidence and self-esteem by being taught in a way that makes sense to the dyslexic brain


Practice of the skills and concepts taught during tutoring sessions is vital to retention and integration of each lesson.  Homework is never assigned to just keep a student busy, but it always has a specific purpose for which is was assigned.  The more time spend time practicing doing the games, activities, reading, flash cards, etc the more quickly your child may move through each level of the Orton-Gillingham program.  Every effort is made to make the homework as fun and engaging as possible in an effort to encourage the student to do what is assigned.  Daily reading of twenty minutes a day cannot be recommended highly enough.  Audiobooks are also highly recommended to continue building the student’s background knowledge and vocabulary. 

“Wendy is knowledgeable about dyslexia and is an amazing, well-trained Orton-Gillingham (OG) tutor. She understands her students and provides solid tutoring for children with dyslexia. She doesn’t promise a quick fix because there is no quick fix when working with dyslexics (you should stay away from someone who promises a quick fix or cure). What she provides is a consistent and structured environment for these kids. We know he will struggle all his life, but he now has the tools to succeed! Wendy provides a customized, comprehensive approach for each child. She has a very hands on, colorful approach to learning which is perfect for kids. Also, she has ways to assess and track progress. I loved seeing (in print) exactly where my child was, what the challenges were, AND how he had improved. She also gave homework (which never felt like homework) to reinforce what he was learning. She is very personable, and her passion for helping kids is oozing out of her. Lastly, I will say that her personality, and ability to connect with and motivate kids is phenomenal! My son LOVED his time with Ms.Wendy. Highly Recommend!!” – M. Eisenberg