Modern World History: Writing Smartly Using the IEW® Method

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In this 30-week course, Units 1-9 of the IEW® writing method will be taught using sources based on Modern World History in a multi-sensory, systematic, accumulative, and structured way. First semester will cover Units 1-5, and second semester will cover Units 6-9. We will use Google Classroom for all course communications, assignment submissions, and to access class Zoom links. Attending this course on a computer is required as it is the best way to take advantage of all the options available in Zoom to make our class time the most fun and interactive. Parents are highly encouraged to observe during classroom instruction in order to give as much assistance necessary to ensure your student can be successful.

  • Class size: 3 to 8 (Class will be cancelled if fewer than 3 students register)
  • Age: 12 – 15 (age is flexible, if you have questions, please contact me)

Class Schedule / Scope and Sequence

Semester 1 (click + to view)

Lesson Number: Source Text / Structure or Style Introduced

Class Wk 1 Lesson 1: Printing Press / Introduction to Structure
Class Wk 2 Lesson 2: Age of Exploration / -ly Adverb
Class Wk 3 Lesson 3: Ivan the Terrible
Class Wk 4 Lesson 4: The Seven Years’ War / Title Rule and Who/Which Clause
Class Wk 5 Lesson 5: Bian He’s Jade (Chinese)
Class Wk 6 Lesson 6: The Ant and the Dove (Greek) / Strong Verb and Banned Words
Class Wk 7 Lesson 7: The Sun and the Moon (African) / Because Clause
Class Wk 8 Lesson 8: The Fisherman and the Fish (Russian)
Class Wk 9 Lesson 9: American Revolution / Topic-Clincher Sentences
Class Wk 10 Lesson 10: French Revolution / Quality Adjectives and Banned Words
Class Wk 11 Lesson 11: Revolution in Latin America /
Class Wk 12 Lesson 12: Boers War / #2 Prepositional Opener and Banned Words
Class Wk 13 Lesson 13: Telegraph Invention
Class Wk 14 Lesson 14: Discovering Dynamite / #3 -ly Adverb Opener
Class Wk 15 Lesson 15: Power Loom Invention

Semester 2 (click + to view)

Class Wk 1 Lesson 16: Australia / Source and Fused Outlines
Class Wk 2 Lesson 17: Communism Around the World, Part 1 /#6 VSS Opener
Class Wk 3 Lesson 18: Communism Around the World, Part 2 / Works Consulted
Class Wk 4 Lesson 19: Korea
Class Wk 5 Lesson 20: Wilson Quote, Part 1 / Body Paragraphs
Class Wk 6 Lesson 21: Wilson Quote, Part 2 / Introduction and Conclusion; #5 Clausal Opener;
Class Wk 7 Lesson 22: Churchill Quote, Part 1
Class Wk 8 Lesson 23: Churchill Quote, Part 2
Class Wk 9 Lesson 24: Gandhi Quote / #1 Subject Opener and #4 -ing Opener
Class Wk 10 Lesson 25: Communism Around the World, Part 3
Class Wk 11 Lesson 26: A Prominent Person, Part 1
Class Wk 12 Lesson 27: A Prominent Person, Part 2
Class Wk 13 Lesson 28: Sherlock Holmes (England), Part 1
Class Wk 14 Lesson 29: Sherlock Holmes (England), Part 2
Class Wk 15 Lesson 30: The Pied Piper (Germany) / Character Analysis


For second semester, students must have completed Lessons 1-15 in Modern World History-Based Writing Lessons by Lori Versetegen. If your student hasn’t completed Lessons 1-15 with me, please contact me before enrolling your student for the second semester course. After verification I will accept students who have completed Lesson 1-15 on their own or in another setting.

Class Description

Since the IEW® writing method works towards mastery, this class is ideal for new students and seasoned IEW® students. Repetition of the concepts taught is what helps writing become automatic. Classes will be taught using the I Do, We Do, You Do teaching style. Using a multi-sensory, systematic, accumulative, and structured approach makes this course ideal for students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning differences. Graphic organizers and other helpful tips and tricks will assist students in mastery of the IEW® method. We will learn songs, play games, encourage one another, give helpful suggestions, and work together as a group to create key word outlines, well-constructed sentences, and paragraphs.


  • Learn how to write keyword outlines from multiple types of sources
  • Learn how to compose sentences and paragraphs from their keyword outline to retell stories in their own words
  • Learn how to expand their sentence construction skills by using stylistic techniques and different sentence openers
  • Increase vocabulary by using new words in context
  • Strengthen vocabulary and background knowledge through rich text
  • Most importantly, gain confidence in their writing skills and ability to communicate clearly and competently


While homework is assigned and highly recommended, it will be up to the parent to check all work produced by their student. All students’ composed work will be read and evaluated as either complete or incomplete. Complete means all required checklist items for the writing assignment are present, incomplete means that the submitted paper is missing something from the checklist. Parents may choose to assign a grade to their student’s completed assignments using the point system found on each assignment’s checklist. There will be weekly homework including vocabulary, composing one to three paragraphs from a keyword outline, editing, and producing a final draft using a simplified MLA format, which will be taught in class. For IEW’s philosophy on grading, you can read more here.

Required Materials

  • Modern World History-Based Writing Lessons Student Workbook by Lori Verstegen
  • Two plastic 3-prong folders
  • Page Protectors
  • 2 packages of Post-It Notes 2×2 Full Sticky
  • A Binder Pencil Pouch
  • Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
  • Loose Leaf Lined Paper
  • Printed Graphic Organizer (provided in Google Classroom after you register)

Price / Refund Policy / Discount

$20 per week / $300 per semester A full refund will be issued for any reason up until to seven days before class starts after which time no refund will be granted. Example: Class starts Wednesday, April 27th. Refunds will be granted until Tuesday, April 19th at 11:59 pm Central. Debit card payment is greatly appreciated! A 5% discount is given for families who register more than one sibling from the same household. Use discount code: Siblings5 NOTE: If this discount code is used when registering only one student, the registration will be cancelled.

“Wonderful teacher. She provided so much feedback. Best … class we have taken.” -C. Stromberg

“Wendy is a very patient and kind teacher. I love the enthusiasm she brings to every class.” -O. Reyes

“I wanted to thank you for all your organizational ideas and writing techniques. P. has a Nonverbal Learning Disorder and it has been exciting to watch his writing improve over the semester!” -N. Bray