IEW® Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Semester 2 Summer Course

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In this 14-week thirty-minute online course, we will learn grammar by learning, fixing, discussing, and copying sentences from the story The Nose Tree for Weeks 17-33. We will use Google Classroom for all course communications and to access class Zoom links.


  • Class size: 3 to 10 (Class will be cancelled if fewer than 3 students register)
  • Age: 9 – 15 (age is flexible, if you have questions, please contact me)

Class Schedule / Scope and Sequence

When your student has completed all 33 weeks of Fix It! Grammar, The Nose Tree, they will have handwritten the entire story The Nose Tree and learned 132 vocabulary words.

Nose Tree Semester 2 (click + to view)

Class Wk 1 Week 17 – ly Adverbs
Class Wk 2 Week 18  Its Verses It’s
Class Wk 3 Week 19  Prepositions
Class Wk 4 Week 20  Review All Concepts Taught
Class Wk 5 Week 21  Coordinating Conjunctions
Class Wk 6 Week 22  Review All Concepts Taught
Class Wk 7 Week 23 and Week 24 Clause Starters and Review
Class Wk 8 Week 25 and Week 26 Your Verses You’re and Review
Class Wk 9 Week 27 and Week 28 Review All Concepts Taught
Class Wk 10 Week 29  Comparative Adjectives
Class Wk 11 Week 30  Superlative Adjectives
Class Wk 12 Week 31  Review
Class Wk 13 Week 32  Review
Class Wk 14 Week 33  Review


This course is a continuation of Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Semester 1.  If your student has not completed Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Semester 1 with me, please contact me before enrolling your student in this course. After verification, I will accept students who have completed Weeks 1-16 on their own or in another setting.

Class Description

Have you tried to teach your child grammar and it just isn’t sticking? Is it not carrying over into their writing? Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree, Semester 2 will continue to help your student see how grammar works in real-life application, and they will become confident self-editors in the process. Using Fix It! Grammar Book 1, The Nose Tree (3rd Edition) we will work together to learn, fix, discuss, and copy sentences from the story The Nose Tree. As a class, we will work together to complete Day 1 of each week. When a new concept is introduced, your student will learn cleaver ways to remember what has been taught in class. Working independently, students will complete Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 for each week. Questions from the previous week’s work will be answered during the next class time. Answers to the assigned homework will be posted on the classroom wall where students can self-correct their work. Parents are welcome and encouraged to assist their child with homework. (IEW’s philosophy is you can never help your child too much, so please help as much as you see fit in order to help your child succeed in class.)


  • Students will improve their knowledge of English grammar.
  • Students will more easily identify the parts of a speech, parts of a sentence including punctuation, and parts of a paragraph.
  • Students will gain confidence in their ability to read and edit a passage of text.
  • Students will have increased their vocabulary by using new words in context.
  • Students will work on improving their penmanship skills as they copy sentences to their composition notebooks.


Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 that appear in each week of the student workbook will be completed independently as homework, which should take approximately 15 minutes a day. Answers to assigned homework with be posted to the Google Classroom wall so students can self-correct their work and learn from any misses or errors.

Required Materials

  • Fix It! Grammar Book 1, The Nose Tree (3rd Edition) Student Book (~$15)
  • NOTE: Third Edition has been discontinued. The summer course will be the last class taught from the older edition.
  • Composition Notebook
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Optional: Sticky Notes

Price / Refund Policy / Discount

$12 per week / $168 Semester A full refund will be issued for any reason up until to seven days before class starts after which time no refund will be granted. Example: Class starts Wednesday, April 27th. Refunds will be granted until Tuesday, April 19th at 11:59 pm Central. Debit card payment is greatly appreciated! A 5% discount is given for families who register more than one sibling from the same household. Use discount code: Siblings5 NOTE: If this discount code is used when registering only one student, the registration will be cancelled.

“Wonderful teacher!” – B.


“It was a good class” -S. Morrison


“The instructor prepared her class really well. This class is a good intro to strong verbs. It will be very helpful to writing.” -J. Sun