Welcome to Smart Dyslexia Solutions where we strive to give students all the keys to unlock their full God-given potential.

My goal is to empower children, parents, and tutors by providing educational tools, tutoring, therapy, and classes that best serve people with a wide range of learning differences. These include dyslexia, dygraphia, Down syndrome, executive functioning deficits, and cognitive deficits.

WENDY profile

Wendy Dobesh

Twenty-year veteran homeschooler

Certified Orton-Gillingham practitioner through Dyslexia Training Institute

IEW® Certified Instructor

Level 2 Certified in cognitive therapy with Equipping Minds

Trained in Visualizing and Verbalizing

Trained in Handwriting Without Tears K-5

My passion stems from observing first-hand the struggles my son endures on a daily basis with a range of learning challenges. I faithfully strive to incorporate each approach, method, therapy, or curriculum with fidelity to mastery of each concept taught.

Tutoring and Classes

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